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How to Floss with Braces: A Guide for Kids

Did you know that over four million USA citizens have braces on due to misaligned teeth? From that number, 75 % are people aged below 25 years. With such an orthodontic treatment, you need to take extreme dental care of your teeth to ensure you keep your smile...

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Braces: How To Tell When Your Kid Needs Them

How can you tell if your kid needs braces? For that matter, does any child actually need braces? When's the right time to take them to the orthodontist? How do you know you can trust your orthodontist? To sum it all up, the real question is, "Are you worried about...

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5 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign in 2019

What's the first thing you notice about a person? It might be their eyes or even their height, but for most people, the first they notice is someone's smile. Even if they aren't focused on whether your teeth are straight or crooked, or if you have a gap in your front...

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7 Reasons To See An Orthodontist In Orange Hills, Ohio

Do you know that most of the folks you meet on a daily basis make assumptions about you based on your teeth and smile? That's right. People assume you're intelligent, kind and successful or crooked, shady and unlikable, based on how your teeth look. Called the "Halo...

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