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About 25% of people in the US who wear braces are adults. In fact, 14% of US residents receive orthodontic treatment at some time in their life. About 50% of the country could benefit from treatment.

Orthodontic dental treatments can straighten your teeth. With a new smile, you’ll improve your oral health and self-confidence. Finding a good orthodontist isn’t always easy, though.

Read on for the tips you need to find a top-quality orthodontist in Middleburg. Start your treatment with confidence today!

Gather Referrals and Reviews

Build a list of great orthodontists in Middleburg by turning toward friends. Ask if they or a family member sought treatment in the past year. If they have, ask about their experience as a patient.

Gaining insight into their experience can help you find a good orthodontist. It will also help you manage your expectations before you begin treatment.

Consider asking:

  • Is the orthodontist knowledgeable?
  • Are they friendly and professional?
  • Where is the dental clinic located?
  • What dental treatments do they offer?
  • Did you encounter any problems?
  • How much did it cost?
  • Was it painful?
  • Would you choose them again?

Learn more about the problems each patient experienced. For example, perhaps the orthodontist rushes patients out the door. This could affect your ability to ask questions or seek help.

Perhaps the dental office was overpacked, causing long wait times. Maybe the staff was curt and unfriendly.

To learn more about each orthodontic practice, head online. Check Yelp, BBB, and Healthgrades.com for patient reviews.

Make a note of problems that repeat between multiple patients. You’re likely to encounter the same problems as a patient. Remove these dental clinics from your list of options.

Instead, find an orthodontist with a long history of positive reviews. Finding a professional with a glowing, established reputation will give you peace of mind.

Check Their Credentials

Make sure each orthodontist on your list is educated and licensed to practice in the state. Determine where and when they graduated from college. Confirm that they have a degree from an accredited dental institution.

You can check Healthgrades.com for this information. Make a note of which orthodontists graduated over a decade ago. Determine if they continued their education.

Choose a dental team that remains informed of new techniques, technologies, and procedures. These teams are more likely to offer great patient experiences. They’ll prioritize meeting a higher standard of patient care.

Newer treatments can reduce timelines and minimize pain. You can start showing off your new smile sooner than expected.

Prioritize Experience

There are over 15,800 orthodontists in the US, with the industry growing. However, some orthodontists have more hands-on experience than others. Before choosing an orthodontist, determine how long they’ve worked in the industry.

An experienced orthodontist has likely encountered a mix of cases and orthodontic problems. They’ll have an easier time assessing your smile and determining your needs.

These orthodontists can develop customized patient plans. Your smile is unique. You’ll need a unique treatment plan to remedy your alignment issues.

Ask each dentist how often they encounter orthodontic issues like yours. For example:

  • Spacing
  • Overbites
  • Crowding
  • Underbites
  • Overjets (protrusion)
  • Abnormal eruption
  • Open bites
  • Crossbites

Ask what treatment plan they recommend and why. Consider the pros and cons of each option. If they can’t explain their reasoning, continue your search.

Consider how long each orthodontist has owned their local practice. An established practice should run like a well-oiled machine. Newer practices and teams may need time to adjust.

Explore Their Dental Treatments

Determine what dental treatments each practice offers. Look for a practice that offers different options. This will allow the orthodontist to customize your treatment plan.

For example, perhaps you’re concerned about wearing obvious metal wires and brackets. Instead of traditional metal braces, consider treatment with Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners are made with clear, discrete plastic. They’re customized to fit around your teeth and draw them into alignment. The clear, comfortable plastic can make it less obvious you’re beginning treatment.

Invisalign is ideal for compliant adults. You’ll need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day.

A young child may forget to wear the aligners. This could cause a delay in their treatment plan.

Common orthodontic treatment options include:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Palatal expanders
  • Clear Invisalign aligners

After the orthodontist makes a recommendation, ask how often they provide that form of treatment. If they lack relevant experience, continue your search.

Visit Their Dental Office

Visit two or three dental practices on your list. Does the waiting room look organized and clean? Avoid practices that look messy, dirty, and neglected.

Make a note if you wait over an hour to see the orthodontist. Don’t choose someone who is overbooked and unavailable. You may struggle to seek help when there’s an emergency.

During your consultation appointment, consider how the orthodontist and staff act. Are they friendly and professional? Choose a team that prioritizes patient care and comfort.

Prepare a list of questions you want to ask.

The orthodontist should take the time to consider your concerns. If they talk over you or rush you out the door, remove them from your list.

Compare Costs and Coverage

Ask each dental office about their costs. Determine how much treatment will cost and how long you’ll need treatment. Consider how many follow-up appointments you’ll have to attend.

Gather estimates from three local practices. If one price seems too good to be true, it likely is. If one practice charges higher than the others, determine why.

Ask the practice if they accept insurance for orthodontic treatment. If they don’t fall within your network, explore other options.

Don’t make this decision solely based on price. Instead, review your notes.

Choose a good orthodontist you can trust to take care of your smile. With their help, you can accomplish your treatment goals without delay.

Find Your Orthodontist in Middleburg

Don’t rush to choose an orthodontist in Middleburg. Instead, use these tips to do your due diligence. Find a great dental team you can trust with your smile.

Look no further than Weiss & Tor Orthodontics. We provide each patient with the unique care their smile deserves.

Our team has over 35 years of experience treating over 9,000 radiant smiles. We’re committed to providing patients with the best experiences. Contact us today to make your smile dreams come true.