Orthodontics is a multibillion-dollar industry. Considering that orthodontists (the professionals who work in this field) help people get straighter teeth, that should be no wonder.

Before the turn of the century, the options were limited for people who wanted to improve their smiles. Technology has advanced since then. If you visit an orthodontist in Middleburg today, you’ll have a range of options to choose from.

Are you wondering what kinds of orthodontic services are available near you? Then keep reading this guide.


Braces are the most traditional corrective treatments for crooked, gapping, and crowded teeth. In addition to clear aligners, which we will discuss in a moment, you can get metal, ceramic, or lingual braces.

Metal braces feature silver brackets that an orthodontist cements to the surface of each tooth. Wires connect the brackets together, and rubber bands hold them in place. Self-ligating braces are a similar option minus the rubber bands.

Ceramic braces are virtually identical to metal ones, but they have tooth-colored brackets. The wires and rubber bands also come in tooth-like colors. This option will blend in with your natural teeth better than metal braces.

Lingual braces are the least-noticeable option here. That is because they sit behind your teeth instead of on their surface. They feature the same wires, brackets, and rubber bands as regular braces.

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Clear aligners are the latest teeth-straightening technology to hit the market. They have only been around for a few decades, but already, a majority of patients get them. That is because they are virtually invisible.

The most popular type of clear aligner is Invisalign. Invisalign works through a progressive set of clear trays that are a lot like retainers. You swap out trays every two weeks or so.

Patients love Invisalign not only because it is the most discreet option but also because you can remove the trays. You only have to wear the trays for 22 hours a day. That leaves plenty of time for eating, drinking, and brushing.

Invisalign is a great option for self-conscious teens and adults. You can straighten your smile without the discomfort and noticeability of traditional wire braces.

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Though it may be the most popular, Invisalign is not the only brand of clear aligner technology out there. ClearCorrect is a similar treatment option that offers many of the same benefits as Invisalign. So, what’s the difference?

ClearCorrect can be a more affordable option for straightening your teeth. The manufacturers make the trays out of thinner materials. That is one reason why they cost less; it also explains why ClearCorrect may be less visible.

At the same time, the thinner tray material makes them more prone to damage. ClearCorrect aligners are also much less flexible, more difficult to remove, and less comfortable to wear compared to Invisalign.

Another reason some patients prefer Invisalign over ClearCorrect is that the former is more tried and true. The U.S. FDA approved Invisalign for use in 1998. ClearCorrect received FDA approval almost a decade later.

At Weiss and Toro, we know how important it is to weigh your options. That is why our Middleburg and Cleveland orthodontist clinics offer Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Stop by one of our locations to learn which is best for you!

Emergency Orthodontics

Any good orthodontist should offer emergency services. You can call your dentist and head in for an unscheduled appointment. But what exactly constitutes an orthodontic emergency?

There are minor problems that patients think are emergencies and true orthodontic emergencies. Patients can treat the former at home. We consider the following issues a minor problem:

  • Broken wires
  • Broken brackets
  • Wires that poke out
  • Discomfort from braces or clear aligners
  • Losing your clear aligner trays

For tips on how to deal with these minor orthodontic problems, check out our services page. We do not recommend scheduling an emergency visit unless you experience a true emergency.

True orthodontic emergencies include infection, injury, and severe pain. If you experience any of these emergencies, call your orthodontist ASAP. You may even want to consider a trip to the local emergency department.

Surgical Orthodontics

Sometimes, braces and clear aligner technology are not enough alone to fix orthodontic issues. Problems with your bite that do not resolve with correcting, as well as severe malocclusion and jaw bone issues, may require surgery.

In other cases, an orthodontist may suggest surgery before you get braces or clear aligners. This is particularly common when jaws do not line up when you bite down.

During surgery, your orthodontist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon will correct your jawbone. Another name for this type of procedure is orthognathic surgery. Once you correct the issue with the jaws, you can then get surgery.

Some people may seek orthognathic surgery even if they do not need or want straighter teeth. Abnormal jawbones can lead to complications with chewing and even speaking when left untreated.

Weiss and Tor are orthodontists in Cleveland and Middleburg. We offer surgical orthodontics like orthognathic surgery to our Ohio patients.

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There are so many options if you want straighter teeth these days. Choose from the different types of braces and clear aligners. And don’t forget that these professionals offer surgical orthodontic services, too.

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