benefits of straight teeth

Did you know that smiling makes you feel better? When you smile the activation of certain facial muscles triggers the brain to send more endorphins out. This makes you feel even happier. It’s one of the benefits of having a nice smile.

One of the biggest benefits of straight teeth is that you smile more. Increased smiling will increase your mental health and happiness. That’s not even mentioning the oral health benefits of straight teeth.

The best news is that your local orthodontist can help you get straight teeth and give you that perfect smile.

Continue reading to learn more about the 7 life-changing benefits of having straight teeth.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

While getting your teeth straightened will take some time, it is a great investment of your time and finances. The increased health benefits and added confidence is more than worth it:

1. Healthier Teeth

When you eat, bacteria in your mouth mixes with food and saliva to form plaque. Plaque is bad because when you eat food the plaque feeds on the sugars and starches in the food and produces an acid that destroys the enamel on your teeth.

Over a long enough period, the acid that plaque releases will start to cause your teeth to decay. Brushing and flossing is a great way to combat plaque buildup.

This relates to having straight teeth because it is much easier to keep straight teeth clean with brushing and flossing. Crowded teeth and teeth with gaps can trap food and lead to large buildups of plaque.

Having straight teeth makes it easier to rid your teeth of bacteria and plaque which will keep your teeth healthier and happier for years to come.

2. Healthier Gums

Similar to teeth, gums are negatively impacted by plaque. The bacteria build up underneath your gums are hard to remove with a toothbrush or floss. Teeth that aren’t aligned also don’t fit within the gums as well, making areas for bacteria and plaque to thrive.

The plaque and bacteria lead to gingivitis which is a reversible condition where the gums are inflamed. If gingivitis is not handled it will become a more severe condition called periodontitis. This ailment is the leading cause of tooth loss.

The health benefits of straight teeth will keep your gums healthy and prevent tooth loss and further orthodontist treatment.

3. Reduced Tooth Wear

When you bite down, your teeth touch and rest upon each other. When your teeth are properly aligned this isn’t a problem. This allows them to rest evenly and maintain their structure.

When you’re out of alignment this causes increased wear on the tops of your teeth. This leads to tooth pain and other issues as a result of certain teeth being out of place and bearing more of the brunt.

The excessive wear on these teeth gradually destroys the enamel of the teeth that they are affecting.

Straightening your teeth will eliminate this issue and have a big effect on preventing your teeth from becoming worn down. It will also prevent issues like receding gums and cracked or chipped teeth.

4. More Comfort

Did you know that teeth that are out of alignment also put more pressure on your jaw and your chewing muscles? This misalignment causes issues like headaches, neck aches, and even shoulder pain.

Choosing one of your teeth straightening options will help resolve this issue by balancing your bite force. It’ll take the stress off of your jaw and chewing muscles which will keep them healthy and prevent discomfort.

5. Easier Chewing

Another big benefit of teeth straightening is that it will make chewing your food an easier task. When your teeth are aligned and straightened it allows you to make an easier and more efficient bite.

This has side effects that are beneficial to your digestive system. Because you can chew more efficiently and thoroughly, your digestive system will have less work to do because the food you are eating is chewed completely.

6. Clearer Speech

One benefit that might slip under the radar is that having straight teeth will improve your speaking ability. Teeth play a big role in producing certain sounds needed for speaking.

They direct airflow and serve as a point of contact for your tongue when speaking. For other sounds or words, the tongue needs an appropriate amount of space to move. Having misaligned teeth makes that difficult.

Some examples of teeth layout affecting speech are someone with a large overbite or a large gap in their two front teeth. People with these issues will often have a lisp when saying words with the letter “s” in them or a “th” sound in them.

Getting your teeth straightened will eliminate issues with pronunciation and speaking that come with misaligned teeth. Teeth straightening procedures eliminate the whistle and lisp by creating an ideal bite for your teeth.

7. Increased Confidence

When you aren’t confident in your smile you tend to hide it. Doing this has a negative effect on your self-esteem and happiness. As important as the health benefits of straight teeth are, the cosmetic benefits are also a big deal.

Looking your best will make you feel your best and create a feeling of confidence and happiness. This happiness and confidence can have profound positive impacts on all facets of your life.

The benefits of having a nice smile extend to your professional career and your academics as well as your relationships. It will give you a smile that will light up every room that you enter and help you make memorable first impressions.

Are You Ready for Straight Teeth?

The benefits of straight teeth range from improving your oral and physical health to growing your confidence and happiness. You can’t put a price on happiness, and a beautiful smile will make you happy.

It will keep your teeth and gums healthy while also helping your digestive system. It will also help you create unforgettable first impressions and grow your confidence.

So are you ready to get straight teeth? Click here to schedule your free consultation with the expert orthodontists at Weiss and Tor Orthodontics today.