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Are you sick and tired of having an imperfect smile and considering finding a local orthodontist in Orange Hills, OH? Or perhaps you have a child who needs the corrective care of braces? Either way, whatever your orthodontic care need might be, there are some questions you need to ask your orthodontist BEFORE getting braces. Read on to see what they would be.

1. Can Braces Help My Smile?

You might be concerned that yours is a special case, that braces won’t be able to help fix your smile because it’s particularly skewed. Or you might be thinking the opposite – that your smile is good enough and a bit of overbite or underbite shouldn’t matter that much.

That’s where orthodontic care comes in. They are the smile experts – they have seen and done it all, especially when it comes to perfecting smiles.

You can ask this question to assure yourself that, yes, your smile is correctable, and in fact, you will have that perfect smile you seek once you go through the braces treatment. Getting braces is a big endeavor and shouldn’t be undertaken without a semblance of reassurance and trust.

2. How Much Braces Cost?

Of course, this is another question that’s probably on top of your mind. You understand that correcting a smile using braces requires time, effort, and money. But you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on it.

Your local orthodontist will be able to give you a rough idea of how long your particular teeth will take to fix and how much it will cost you in total. Of course, life never follows the ‘plan’, and it could end up being more expensive than expected. But at least you will have an idea of how much to budget for, to fix your smile.

3. How Long Does a Braces Treatment Take?

Getting braces will definitely put a damper on your interactions with others for a while, as you feel self-conscious about having braces (especially as an adult). Even though you know that you will have a perfect smile after, for a few months or even a couple of years, you will have to contend with talking to people with braces on your teeth.

One of the questions you should definitely ask your local orthodontist is how long it will take for your smile to be fixed using braces. Every person is unique in their braces journey and every person will have a different amount of time to contend with. That’s the thing about dental care in general – it’s unpredictable and unique to each person.

4. How Will I Have to Change My Eating and Drinking Habits?

You are probably mildly aware of this already, but there are definitely certain food items (like gum and popcorn) that you would have to say goodbye for, while you have your braces on. It’s well worth the sacrifice as you will have a perfect smile after your braces treatment. BUT make sure you inquire with your orthodontist on how you should be changing your eating habits.

You will also learn a lot about this while you have braces, as certain foods and drinks might or might not agree with your braces.

5. Will I Have to Make Any Lifestyle Changes?

Not only do you have to think about your eating and drinking habits, but you will have to change up a few things in your lifestyle. For example, flossing is going to become an entirely different endeavor now, as you try to clean in and around your braces. Also, you will have to be careful with the way you brush your teeth, so as not to damage your braces.

Finally, if you play sports or take self-defense lessons, you will have to wear a mouthguard to protect your braces from harm. The best orthodontist will let you know of all these lifestyle changes, but it’s always good to ask as well.

6. How Often Will I Have to Come in for a Checkup?

The good thing about braces is that once you have them on, you only have to go in for a checkup once a month (about), as the orthodontist will need to tighten up your braces to keep your teeth moving in the right direction. BUT this could be different for different individuals. Perhaps you have teeth that are more malleable and move more quickly.

Or you have to travel for work quite often so you can’t come in to see your orthodontist as frequently as he would like. All this has to be accounted for before you begin the process of getting braces.

7. How Soon Can I Get Started with My Treatment?

Perhaps after getting the answers to all your questions above, you are eager and excited to get started. Not so fast! Getting braces requires a long-term commitment and will need you to take your time thinking over it.

Don’t rush into the decision, but do ask your orthodontist how soon you can get started with the treatment. The sooner you start, the faster you can be done with it, and the quicker you can have that perfect smile that you dream of.

Your Local Orthodontist Is Ever Ready to Help

Once your local orthodontist answers the 7 questions listed above, you will have a solid idea of whether you want to go ahead with getting braces or not.

Orthodontic care requires a high level of expertise and experience. And that’s something you can’t find in everyone.

Consider contacting Weiss & Tor Orthodontics if you are located in the Middleburg Heights, OH, or Orange Hills, OH area. They are eager to make you part of their smile family and support you on your orthodontic journey.