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Crooked teeth could put unnecessary pressure on certain parts of your mouth, leading to complications. Whether you have crooked teeth, alignment issues, or just want to improve your smile, consider orthodontic treatment. Already, four million Americans wear braces to fix their orthodontic issues.

Correcting your teeth can boost your self-confidence while giving you a healthier smile. On the fence about visiting a Cleveland orthodontist? Here are five reasons you shouldn’t wait to schedule an appointment.

Read on to discover five problems Cleveland orthodontics can remedy today!

1. Crooked Teeth

One of the main reasons people consider orthodontic treatment is to improve the appearance of their smiles. For example, you might have crooked teeth. Crooked teeth could impact your ability to thoroughly chew food.

It could also impact your self-confidence. You might no longer feel comfortable smiling and showing off your teeth.

If you’re embarrassed by your crooked teeth, consider visiting an orthodontist in Cleveland, Ohio. After a consultation appointment, your Cleveland orthodontist can determine the best course of treatment. For example, they might recommend traditional metal braces.

Metal braces work by pulling your teeth into alignment using metal wires and brackets. However, metal braces aren’t your only treatment option. If you’re searching for a more discreet type of orthodontic treatment, talk to your orthodontist about clear aligners.

Most people won’t notice you’re wearing your clear aligners, providing both discretion and effective treatment. Over time, the aligners will straighten your teeth, improving the appearance of your smile.

You might find it’s more difficult to brush and floss your teeth if they’re crooked, too. As a result, you might unintentionally leave food particles and plaque between your teeth. Your risk of tooth decay and gum disease can increase if you’re not efficiently brushing and flossing your teeth.

After straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatment, you’ll find it’s easier to brush, improving your overall oral health.

2. Gaps Between Your Teeth

Before scheduling an appointment with the best orthodontist in Cleveland, Ohio, take a look at your smile in the mirror. If there are gaps between your teeth, consider orthodontic treatment right away. Without treatment, you could develop more serious oral health issues like gum disease.

The gaps between your smile give food particles, bacteria, and plaque new places to hide. When you fail to brush these compounds away, more plaque can form. Plaque is a sticky film that can cling to the surface of your teeth.

Over time, plaque is able to harden into tartar, increasing your risk of tooth decay. You’ll need a professional to clean tartar away from your teeth.

You might also feel self-conscious if there are noticeable gaps between your teeth. Orthodontic treatment can bring your teeth together over time. You can close these gaps for a straight, stunning smile you’re proud to show off.

3. An Over, Under, or Crossbite

If your upper teeth cross behind your lower teeth, you likely have a crossbite. You can also have a crossbite if your teeth don’t meet on each side. Consider orthodontics in Cleveland if you’re concerned about asymmetric jaw growth.

Otherwise, your gums might begin receding. You might also start grinding your teeth, leading to accelerated wear and tear.

If you neglect to seek orthodontic treatment, your risk of TMJ disorder or another orthodontic issue could increase.

If your top teeth overlap with your bottom teeth, you might have an overbite. A minor overbite is normal. Once you can no longer see your lower teeth, however, you’ve likely developed a severe overbite.

When your bottom teeth overlap with your top teeth, you’ve developed an underbite. An underbite might make it more difficult for you to chew. When you fail to thoroughly chew food, it can cause digestive issues.

Your orthodontists in Cleveland can fix an over, under, or crossbite with braces or clear aligners. Bringing your jaw and teeth into alignment can help improve the appearance of your smile. It can improve your ability to bite and chew, too!

4. Pain and Dental Problems

Remember, many orthodontic issues can cause other problems as well. For example, a misalignment might cause you to grind your teeth. You might notice headaches or experience jaw pain.

If your jaw and mouth feel uncomfortable, consider an orthodontist in Cleveland. They can determine if you need orthodontic treatment to improve your bite.

Otherwise, crowded teeth or a bad might can make it difficult for you to chew. Your risk of cavities and gum disease can increase as well. A great orthodontic treatment plan could make all the difference in your oral health.

5. To Boost Your Confidence

You should also visit an Ohio orthodontist if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. About 57% of Americans cover their mouths because they feel insecure about their teeth.

Over 60% of adults want to change something about their teeth. Top concerns include:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Crookedness
  • Whiteness

Americans also said teeth are also the number one insecurity, beating eyebrows, lips, noses, and eyes.

Improving your smile with orthodontic treatment can boost your self-confidence. Improving your self-confidence can also boost your mood and help you feel proud of your appearance. You might feel more comfortable smiling, laughing, and showing off that confidence when you meet new people.

If you want a smile you love, consider orthodontics in Cleveland. You can talk to your orthodontist to determine which course of treatment best suits your needs and goals.

Visit Your Cleveland Orthodontist to Fix These Problems ASAP

If these five orthodontic issues sound familiar, don’t wait to seek help. Instead, visit your Cleveland orthodontist right away. With orthodontic treatment, you can improve your smile and avoid oral health issues down the road.

Whether you have crooked teeth, jaw issues, or cosmetic needs, orthodontic treatment can make all the difference!

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